Information and Interaction – Social Media in an “analogue way”: LCM and Umberto User Workshop in Berlin

Two important events upcoming this week: From Sunday 28th August on, the Life Cycle Management takes place in Berlin. Life Cycle Management is one of the most important topics within industrial production today, as it covers both environmental and economic questions. In the pre-sustainability-era, the public discussion on life cycles was mainly focused on typical management models like Boston Consulting’s four steps: product development, production, use and degeneration. Due to that perspective, companies spent most attention and money to product development. But times have changed. Or should I say in this context: times have to be changed?

From a process to a circle

Nowadays, more and more companies realize that Life Cycle Management means turning the production process into a production circle. Each phase of production contains the potential to improve both in an economic and an ecological way. The question how economic factors and ecological benefits fit together, is one of the essential discussion tasks at the LCM in Berlin. But not only there.
As I mentioned, the whole next week will be important. Directly following the LCM, we are happy to welcome Umberto experts from all over the world at our annual Umberto User Workshop. Of course, it is no coincidence that the workshop takes place in Berlin directly after the LCM: From Thursday, Sept 1st to Friday, Sept 2nd.
Another crucial topic is sustainability in the production process. There are several presentations on the use of Umberto in life cycle assessment projects. But we will also focus on carbon footprinting, material flow analysis, resource efficiency and process modeling. For details, check out the complete workshop program (PDF).
If you can’t attend either event, be sure to keep your attention to the blog, since this discussion will not remain in the analogue spheres of Berlin. We will transfer the most relevant topics to the digital public: not only to inform you, but also to interact with.



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