Customized Transparency with iPCA Web

Customized Transparency with iPCA Web

The new web-client of the iPoint Compliance Agent, iPCA Web, enables companies to advance transparency in their supply chain and provide their managers and specialists with exactly the data they need. At Toyota, for example, iPCA Web supports users from different areas with individually adapted insights: Combining the efficient and time-saving data collection and analysis functionalities of iPCA with the intuitive and customizable user interface of iPCA Web, compliance managers, quality officers as well as engineers can focus on those areas of work that are really relevant to them.

iPCA Web captivates due to its User-Centered Design

Compliance confirmations and full-material-declarations on the materials and substances of product components are collected along the whole supply chain, merged and analyzed by iPCA. For data collection in the automotive sector iPCA resorts to the International Material Data System (IMDS). iPCA Web’s user-centered insights facilitate the everyday struggle with this complex data gathered by iPCA and IMDS.

The state-of-the-art user interface of iPCA Web is designed to be self explanatory and easy to use, as it is developed following the User-Centered Design approach. In other words, iPCA Web provides a solutions-oriented user interface that focuses on individual usability goals.

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Since a quality manager may pursue a different purpose checking data in iPCA than an engineer or a supplier, iPCA Web is designed to customize very complex data to the different stakeholder’s intentions and provide the respective data that each individual stakeholder is looking for.

E.g., the stakeholders not only have easy and quick access to statistics, but they can also create charts based on their individual selection and map the results. Moreover, managers even have the possibility to compare data from different business units. For those reasons, iPCA Web is suitable for companies that use iPCA and have a great number of stakeholders utilizing iPCA for different purposes.

iPCA Web functionalities will grow in the future

With iPCA Web we build on the range of advantages which web-based applications offer – such as fast and flexible availability, easy maintenance of updates and smart management. Currently, iPCA Web is mostly a user interface tool to optimize the insight into the data, but it does not yet offer any editing options.

This will change: iPoint plans to extend the new iPCA Web-Client to a module-based solution by adding a range of functionalities. iPoint’s development team has already started building a Life Cycle Management module for iPCA Web, which will be available soon. A continuous development to manage more and more functionalities via iPCA Web is aspired.

Daniel Maier

Daniel Maier

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