ECHA drops one mandatory field for SCIP database reporting

ECHA drops one mandatory field for SCIP database reporting

During the last SCIP database workshop on March 17th, 2020, ECHA indicated a change to the mandatory fields for SCIP reporting. Upon iPoint’s inquiry, an ECHA representative confirmed that the field “Candidate List Version” will no longer be mandatory upon the go live of the SCIP database in October 2020. With this decision, ECHA has taken stakeholder concerns into account, since the official Candidate List of Substances also does not have a version itself. 

During ECHA’s IT user group meeting on March 20th, 2020, more information was revealed. Not only will the “Candidate List Version” be dropped as a mandatory field, there will also be changes to the picklist values of the “Production in EU” category. From October 2020, options will be:

  • EU produced
  • EU imported
  • Both EU produced and imported
  • No data

This will make opting for a default value for the better part of a company’s SCIP-reportable products far easier.

Furthermore, distributors will have the option to reference dossiers already submitted. This means that they will not have to submit dossiers themselves. In addition, it will be possible to submit one dossier for articles of the same type with slightly differing characteristics, e.g. O-rings of different colour or dimensions, which could significantly reduce the number of dossiers for duty holders.

Despite the current situation concerning COVID-19, ECHA continues its work but is of course closely monitoring the situation. As soon as we get any news, iPoint will continue to keep you updated via this blog.

Building on iPoint’s long-standing experience in dealing with product variants and inter-connections, these modifications will be included in iPoint’s system-to-system SCIP solution.

Interested in further details of iPoint’s SCIP reporting solution: contact iPoint at or download our SCIP Whitepaper and watch our SCIP Videos.

Angelika Steinbrecher

Angelika Steinbrecher

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