Integration of the Catena-X PCF Rulebook into IMDS

Integration of the Catena-X PCF Rulebook into IMDS

The Catena-X automotive network has achieved a significant milestone in standardizing the requirements for CO2 footprints in the automotive industry with the release of the PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) Rulebook. This lays the foundation for a global standard in measuring and reporting along the supply chain, making CO2 emission data comparable and shareable. The Catena-X PCF Rulebook includes WBCSD CO2 calculation schemes and methods.

What is Catena-X?

Catena-X is a data ecosystem that enables more resilient and flexible supply chain management. Thanks to comprehensive digital documentation, for instance, the integral CO2 footprint can be determined, or traceability can be ensured in accordance with supply chain legislation. Standardized data exchange and the ability to use cross-company applications provide investment security for all companies, from SMEs to large enterprises, and strengthen their competitiveness in the long run.

What is IMDS?

IMDS (International Material Data System) is a globally standardized exchange and management system for material data in the automotive industry. IMDS material data declare the material and chemical compositions of components, semi-finished products, and materials. The primary benefit of IMDS material data is to secure and prove compliance with legal substance regulations for complete vehicles and their spare parts.

What is a Product Carbon Footprint?

A Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is a measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions caused directly and indirectly by activities. In addition to carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases are taken into account, usually calculated in metric tons of CO2 equivalent (t CO2-eq for short).

Integration of the CX-PCF Rules into IMDS

The adoption of CX-PCF Rules into IMDS adds further emphasis to standardization, not least because IMDS itself has held a standard status in the automotive manufacturing and supply industry for decades.

"The combination of the newly released CX-PCF Rules and their integration into IMDS aligns precisely with our vision of transparent, collaborative, and, above all, efficient use of CO2 data. It's a crucial and significant step towards the necessary standardization, which our products address," comments Andreas Schiffleitner, Productmanager Sustainability at iPoint.

The integration of IMDS data including the future collected Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and PCF data, facilitated, for example, by iPoint Smart Connector, enables the immediate use of key relevant information from IMDS in iPoint Product Sustainability tools and coupled with a high degree of automation in processing and provision by various stakeholders within and outside the company.

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