Over 50% See Growing Interest in Sustainability

Over 50% See Growing Interest in Sustainability

The automotive sector is undergoing a significant transformation, with sustainability taking center stage. The latest iPoint Automotive Compliance & Sustainability Trend Study offers an in-depth look into this shift, drawing insights from over 80 industry experts.

The Study Reveals Several Crucial Trends

Keyfinding from our Automotive Trend Study

  • 60% of respondents report a significant increase in customer inquiries about product compliance.
  • 54% see a growing interest in sustainability
  • 52% see an increase in product regulations

These findings underscore the rising importance of transparency and accountability in the automotive industry. Companies are increasingly expected to provide clear information about their products' compliance and sustainability practices.

Simplifying Compliance and Sustainability

At iPoint, we understand the challenges that come with these evolving expectations. Our software solutions are designed to simplify compliance and sustainability for companies, enabling them to navigate these demands with ease. By leveraging our tools, businesses can ensure they meet regulatory requirements and address customer concerns effectively.

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About the Study

For the past six years, the iPoint Compliance & Sustainability Trend Survey has been a valuable resource for the industry. Conducted in collaboration with the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management at the Universität Graz, the survey gathers insights from a broad spectrum of industry stakeholders. In 2023, it garnered an impressive 675 responses, making it one of the largest global surveys in this field.

Looking Ahead

This is just the beginning. Over the coming weeks, we will share more insights from our study, providing a comprehensive view of the trends shaping the future of automotive compliance and sustainability. Stay tuned for more updates!

Can't Wait for It? 

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Linda Di Gianvittorio

Linda Di Gianvittorio

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