Surprising survey results on compliance and sustainability in the automotive industry

Surprising survey results on compliance and sustainability in the automotive industry

The iPoint Compliance & Sustainability Trend Survey is one of the world's largest surveys offering insights into sustainability and compliance. Of a total of 779 responses, 112 came from the automotive industry, with experts from companies primarily in Europe and North America. 

Insights from large and small companies

Most importantly, there was a balanced representation of company sizes among participants. Large automotive companies represented 24% of respondents, while small automotive companies accounted for 16%. This diversity allowed us to identify interesting trends from companies of different sizes within the automotive industry. 

Sector comparison surprises

To our surprise, the results show that compliance seems to be less of a priority in the automotive industry than in other industries. While 65% of respondents from the automotive industry consider compliance to be very important, 88% in the aerospace and defense industry do.

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Also, only a slight majority, 56% of respondents from the automotive industry, assign high importance to sustainability. In a sector comparison, this puts the automotive industry in second-to-last place. 

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This may come as a surprise at first, as the complexity of vehicles and components in the automotive industry has required strict compliance measures for decades. 

Pioneers in goal setting and compliance?

On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that compliance is already deeply anchored in the automotive industry and an integral part of daily work processes. Systems such as the International Material Data System (IMDS) are established and efficiently manage compliance requirements in the background. Other industries, however, are still catching up and have a greater need to introduce such systems. 

Overall, the survey gives us valuable insights into the priorities and trends of the automotive industry and important information that will help us shape the future sustainably.  

Automotive-Trend-Study_16-9You can download the full Automotive Trend Study, including other exciting results, free of charge here.

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Design ohne TitelBy the way: We are already collecting new results - our next Trend Study is in full swing!

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