The new California Proposition 65 Warning Regulations

The new California Proposition 65 Warning Regulations

The California Proposition 65 is a California Law that came into effect in 1986.

Its goal is to protect residents of California from exposition to chemicals causing cancer or being toxic to reproduction.

The law obliges manufacturers bringing products onto the Californian market to provide information for the public concerning the content of these listed substances and thus potential exposition risk by their products.

Each year, tens of millions of dollars are paid out by the industry to bounty hunter lawyers which negatively exposes companies through this process. Compliance with this regulation thus cannot be ignored.

New labelling requirements effective since end of August 2018

Since the initial labelling requirements of California Proposition 65 have been overused in order to avoid any kind of liability, risk of exposition became unclear for consumers. Therefore, these requirements have been reworked to be more concrete and provide helpful content and information to the public. The new labelling requirements of Prop. 65 have become effective on August 30th, 2018.

As the new regulatory program includes provisions for internet sales, the new warning label requirements are already raising issues of concern. This, in addition to specific new requirements for retailers, makes it an issue for all to consider, regardless of whether a company’s facility is based in California.

Video – Get an update on the new California Proposition 65 warning label changes

Join Eva Hink and Marcos Medalla to get an update on the new warning label changes and learn how to keep your company in compliance.

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