Why we built the iPoint Suite

Why we built the iPoint Suite

In iPoint’s software solutions, the CARE principle forms the foundation. All our software solutions collect, analyze, report and help companies to evolve. But sometimes separately from each other, because there’s no data exchange.


That’s why we built the iPoint Suite


Exchange, reuse and link your data to overcome silos

One essential feature of the iPoint Suite is the possibility of data exchange. There will be no need to upload data into multiple different products or log into numerous portals. By reusing and linking data, the iPoint Suite encourages collaboration and the overcoming of knowledge silos.

The iPoint Suite can grow with your demands

The Suite provides companies the option to step in at the point of their current need. As a company grows, or its needs expand over time, iPoint Suite can handle the requirements.

We integrate into your existing IT landscape and data sources

The Suite empowers companies to speed up decision making and product development, while also efficiently managing resources. By integrating our software into current systems, we’re using our flexibility to keep users working with software they know and are comfortable using. Not only can we integrate into systems, but also automate and streamline existing processes. Using the iPoint Suite results in improvements in every aspect of businesses.

iPoint Suite is ready to adopt easily to new business processes

As a company’s needs and requirements change over time, iPoint has taken a proactive approach and built the software to easily adopt to new business processes. No matter how much data may need to be collected, the number of suppliers that may need to be requested or the amount of information that may need to analyzed, iPoint Suite is ready to assist.

It is only getting better!

The existing products of iPoint’s product portfolio with their features and benefits will stay part of the iPoint Suite. They will be further improved and benefit from the consolidation to one single suite.

Discover the iPoint Suite

The iPoint Suite Roadmap – What you can expect by when


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