Will there be a UK REACH?

Will there be a UK REACH?

What will be the challenges Brexit will have to your business on the products and services that you supply? Will there be a UK REACH for the regulation of chemicals on the UK market?

The United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 at 23.00 hours when the period for negotiating a withdrawal agreement will end unless an extension is agreed.

The broad consensus among economists is that Brexit will likely reduce the UK’s real per capita income in the medium term, and that the Brexit referendum itself will damage the whole of the UK economy in the long term. The precise impact on the UK depends on whether the process will be a hard or soft Brexit.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is currently scrambling to agree on a plan B as she holds talks with various ministers in her party. The idea is to then go back to the EU in Brussels with fresh proposals on the hope there can be a last minute deal.

However we all know that which ever way this goes, there will be changes and that leaving the European Union will provide many challenges for companies and organisations. Learn more here how Brexit will affect your business.

What does this mean in real terms for the UK Chemical Industry and all those who rely on chemicals?

The truth is that there will most likely be a separate UK REACH regulation or Amendment to the existing EU regulations and the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (‘HSE’) will become UK’s ECHA. This means new rules and regulations will apply which could result in significant costs to many businesses. Furthermore in case a decision is challenged the legal instance will be different which will give rise to a divergence between EU REACH and UK REACH over time.

Therefore it is essential that Companies and Organisations including both the UK’s chemicals industry and all those in manufacturing and services who rely on chemicals put in place preventative measures as soon as possible.

Existing EU REACH registrations held by UK based companies will automatically transfer to become UK Registrations. This means that qualifying registrants will not have to re-register their substances in the UK, no new fees will be payable and they will continue to have access to the UK market.

Brexit, Ready or not?

The Brexit-Readiness Check is intended to show you where your company needs to adapt and adjust. Nevertheless, iPoint's product compliance software will support you beyond Brexit. With our integrated REACH compliance software, you are already prepared for the changes of the future. 


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Craig Ellis

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