Drive business value by data analysis – iPoint CARE

Drive business value by data analysis – iPoint CARE

Data analysis for product compliance and sustainability, like Life Cycle Assessment or Product Carbon Footprints, provide your company with a crucial competitive advantage. It enables your company to identify risks and benefits, and therefore to make better decisions faster. Only by the combined analysis of compliance and sustainability data, for example in a Digital Product Passport, the benefits can be fully realized. 

Benefits of data analysis

Analyzing data means gaining knowledge about your products, processes, suppliers and their environmental, economic, and social impacts. This way data analysis generates a competitive advantage for your company. It is crucial to analyze compliance and sustainability data together to fully realize the benefits for your company and drive business value. iPoint enables you to reach your company’s goals, like sustainable products, net zero goals, a digital product passport or a circular economy approach.

Challenges of analyzing data

Data analysis is quite a challenging task as the data is very complex, not only because of the large about but also the great variety of data types. Moreover, it can be performed at multiple levels and for different purposes. The scope of the analysis can even be extended to the supply chain and product usage.


Analyze the relations and impacts of your product

Drive business value through automated data analysis

We have compiled our many years of experience in data collection in a paper, which is part of the iPoint CARE series. Learn more about the challenges of data analysis and key capabilities you need to overcome these challenges. Why should compliance and sustainability data be analyzed in combination and what types of compliance and sustainability analyses can be performed on product and process data?

Get more insights into the challenges and benefits of data analysis and learn from our expert Andres Fröhlich and guest speaker Albert Brond from Jabra how to drive business value through automated data analysis.


The CARE principle is the core of the iPoint Suite

iPoint provides the transparency you need to simplify compliance, sustainability and risk management. This requires taking 4 steps: collect the relevant data and analyze the relations and impacts in order to report the right information to the relevant stakeholders and evolve the company towards your goals.

By applying CARE, companies can, among other things, identify substances of concern or their product’s carbon footprint, qualify and approve suppliers, and thus take control of their environmental, social and economic impacts.

iPoint supports you on the path to product compliance and decarbonization all the way. The iPoint Suite not only ensures faster global market access for your safe and compliant products but also enables better positioning though sustainable products since customers and investors increasingly consider environmental factors.

Pia Ostroske

Pia Ostroske

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