Digital Product Passports: Pioneers for Sustainable Economy

Digital Product Passports: Pioneers for Sustainable Economy

Whether climate protection, circular economy, or resource efficiency, without transparent value and supply chains, many political targets and goals threaten to fall into the void. Digital product passports can bring more clarity. iPoint is driving their development.

As transparent as possible

The digital passports are currently being developed to market maturity in Reutlingen and elsewhere. They are intended to reveal the product “history” as transparently as possible: Show where it comes from, how and under what conditions it was produced, and what raw materials it contains. This is important, for example, for climate protection or in the fight against exploitative working conditions.

Prerequisite for circular economy

In fact, digital product passports are suitable for almost any product. Each of these products would be issued with a complete resume until at least the end of the first life cycle. This facilitates sustainable design, manufacturing, and purchasing decisions and paves the way to the circular economy. Transparent and standardized value and supply chains are a prerequisite for the circular economy.

Proven benefits

Numerous companies have also long since recognized the benefits of digital product passports. They promise to mitigate the effort to collect and process an increasing amount of information and data as well as the associated costs. Consumers would also benefit as they could make their purchasing decisions on the basis of transparent product information.

From concept to maturity

To move digital product passports from the concept phase to market maturity, iPoint has initiated a whole series of collaborative projects and project participations. Work is being carried out across sectors and industries in the automotive and battery sectors, in electronics and aerospace. The aim is to bring together the respective value chains from the raw material level to recycling.

Digital Product Passports – Benefits, political support, CE-PASS and SDGs

  • Read more about the benefits of digital product passports and the political support for their introduction.
  • Learn more about the CE-PASS project and how digital product passports can contribute to SDGs

Pia Ostroske

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