How to increase Business Transparency by assessing compliance data – exactly where its needed

How to increase Business Transparency by assessing compliance data – exactly where its needed

Companies currently using SAP® have a vast amount of existing data in their system that can be analyzed for compliance purposes, however, current SAP® functionality falls short of offering the type of functionality needed to truly assess this information for material compliance and business risk.

Increasing Business Transparency

An automotive component supplier who is already a customer of iPoint since long has currently a file based integration of iPoint Compliance into their home made ERP system. Now they set up a project to introduce SAP® on a global scale and was looking for an SAP® integrated IMDS solution. In parallel the old ERP-integration should keep on running for an intermediate time (about 5 years).

Easily unlock the benefits of compliance

Fortunately for such companies, iPoint has developed the SAP® Compliance Cockpit. The SAP® Compliance Cockpit provides an out of the box connection from a company’s SAP® instance directly into iPoint Compliance. This allows an SAP® user to leverage the market leading functionality of iPoint Compliance while directly working in their native SAP® instance. By doing so, the benefits of compliance are suddenly easily unlocked for users in various departments such as engineering, supply chain, quality, purchasing and even management.

Especially the integration capabilities of the Compliance Cockpit for SAP® and the ability to run two ERP-systems in parallel connected with iPoint Compliance convinced our customer to rely on another unique software solution build by iPoint.

How to ensure compliance worldwide for all your products

Companies today face the huge challenge of identifying potentially hazardous substances and materials in their products and, where necessary, making substitutions in order to make these products compliant. For more details download the white paper to discover how you can provide this information in many different formats to an expanding list of customers, investors, and regulatory agencies and safe up to 50% of working time compared to your competitors.

(SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany)

Daniel Maier

Daniel Maier

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