How to use Life Cycle Information to set AND reach your Sustainability Goals

How to use Life Cycle Information to set AND reach your Sustainability Goals

Volvo Cars and iPoint systems act jointly in improving availability of and accessibility to life cycle information flows. Better quality of results, specific for each product by use of real primary data sources.

Jessica Andreasson from Volvo and iPoint’s Product Manager Andreas Schiffleitner, show you in this 45-min. video how you can use iPoint Product Sustainability to set, monitor and reach your sustainability goals.

iPoint Product Sustainability – LCA based on real data

iPoint’s new software solution identifys environmental Hot-Spots (e.g. energy consumption), saves costs and resources due to automated data collection and maximizes environmental traceability and transparency to reduce risks.

What’s in it for you?

Get exclusive insights – Discover how Volvo tailors life cycle information in order to support decision making throughout the company.

Measure and Improve – Make use of existing data in your company. You will learn how iPoint Product Sustainability enables companies to use the benefits and address the challenges of Industry 4.0 and support decisions which leads to a reduction in energy consumption and an improvement in environmental impacts throughout the entire life cycle.

Communicate & Collaborate – Learn who can gain a bundled understanding of current operations and derive their own goals based on life cycle information, beside the environmental departments.


Daniel Maier

Daniel Maier

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