How to provide Life Cycle Information for non-LCA experts

How to provide Life Cycle Information for non-LCA experts

Thanks to automatization and data interfacing, LCA is becoming accessible to any role in an organization. Also non-LCA experts can use life cycle information for decision-making or steering the company towards more sustainable business practices.

Typically working with LCA data has been an expert task. With iPoint Product Sustainability our clients are enabled to use life cycle information throughout corporate functions, such as product design, sustainability management, purchasing or plant management.

The role-based approach provides non-LCA experts with guided workflows to use life cycle information e.g. for decision-making on material choices in support of reaching sustainability targets.

iPoint Product Sustainability – Live in action

Watch a live demonstration and learn more about iPoint Product Sustainability.

What’s in it for you?

Measure and Improve – Learn how to make use of existing data in your company to support decisions which lead to a reduced resource consumption and an improved environmental performance – throughout the entire life cycle.

Communicate & Collaborate – Understand which roles in your company can gain a holistic view on current operations. Act and collaborate towards the achievement of your companies sustainability goals using life cycle information.

Get to know specific Use Cases – The live demo will provide insights into the workflows and features within iPoint Product Sustainbility to use life cycle information in product design and how the corporate sustainability management can steer and monitor the achievement of sustainability targets.

Daniel Maier

Daniel Maier

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