New SCIP reporting obligations in the Automotive Industry

New SCIP reporting obligations in the Automotive Industry

 With SCIP database being open to submission for one year now and data finally being disseminated as well, demands on how to submit data are increasing.

And looking at the data in the dissemination portal it becomes clear why. You’ll find entries for test data being submitted, data where it’s hard for an end consumer to identify the type of product described, as well as TARIC codes for extinct breeds of Swiss cattle. And quite a number of automotive supplier parts indicating the OEM for which the part is being produced.

This has lead ECHA to ask all duty holders to clearly indicate the product type or give the brand name(s) in the “other names” section of the SCIP dossier.

OEM names not to be inlcuded in product description

Automotive OEMs on the other hand are asking their suppliers to not include OEM names in their product description.

Having dealt with SCIP reporting obligations since the beginning, we at iPoint understand how hard it sometimes can be to fulfil the requirements, especially given the changes that keep coming up. And given the way product information is frequently described in companies’ internal systems, these two requirements add additional challenges to SCIP reporting.

New options available in iPoint’s SCIP Database Connector

This is why we at iPoint are striving to make fulfilling your SCIP reporting obligations as easy as possible. We offer a number of options to make sure you meet all the requirements for SCIP reporting and can base your dossier information on your existing data. Amongst other options we offer a way to make sure your product description is in line with your customer requirements and e.g. does not contain company names. And our next step will include the option to add brand names to your dossiers, even when bulk submitting them to the database via our system-to-system interface.

To find out more how to fulfil your SCIP reporting obligations to the database have a look at SCIP Solution and contact iPoint.

Angelika Steinbrecher

Angelika Steinbrecher

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