Sustainable products are the future: in sales, compliance, and production.

Sustainable products are the future: in sales, compliance, and production.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in production in the manufacturing industry and is already a key factor for many manufacturers. The "Sustainable Products in the Manufacturing Industry" webinar by iPoint, Tacton, and special guest Stephanie A. Smith, Director of Global Product Sustainability at Xylem, revealed how leading manufacturers use a combination of life cycle assessments and configuration solutions to drive green products.

Manufacturers Prioritize Sustainability for Long-Term Success

63% of manufacturers consider sustainability very or extremely important to their goals for 2023 and beyond, according to a survey by Tacton. Due to regulations and transparency requirements from customers, manufacturers need to find new and innovative ways to deal with these challenges. Quantifying and reducing environmental impacts will be critical to manufacturers' long-term success. When it comes to addressing climate and other sustainability challenges, the combination of sustainability management and digitalization skills is an important factor.

Webinar Highlights Importance of Sustainability for Manufacturers

The webinar provided participants with insightful glimpses into the trends and challenges facing manufacturers about sustainability and explained conclusively why addressing sustainability challenges is critical to increasing business value. Automation was also presented as a helpful solution for addressing future requirements and gaining a competitive advantage. Stephanie A. Smith from Xylem as a special guest showed how sustainability requirements can be implemented in the manufacturing industry.

Sustainability: A Critical Factor for Long-Term Manufacturing Success

It became so obvious that sustainability is the future of sales, legal guidelines and regulations, and reporting in manufacturing. It is therefore of great importance that manufacturers recognize the trend early and take action to minimize their environmental impact to secure their business results in the long term.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording for free on the iPoint website:

Linda Di Gianvittorio

Linda Di Gianvittorio

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