SustainHub Roadmap 2019

SustainHub Roadmap 2019

Free Webinar: Innovative insights and an exclusive outlook on the SustainHub

Join Sebastian Dehlinger, Product Manager of SustainHub, on Dec. 5th in this free 30 min webinar and get innovative insights and an exclusive outlook on the 2019 Product Roadmap.

What’s in for you?

  • Enhance your supply chain communication – you need information about the usage of cobalt or find out if your suppliers are prepared for BREXIT? With the new iPoint Supply Chain Survey (SCS) app it’s simple to gather all kind of information from your supply chain.
  • Mission accomplished – the premium version of the Material Compliance app now makes it easy to collect, aggregate, exchange, and report information for REACH, RoHS, and other substance regulations (e.g., Calif. Prop. 65, EU Batteries Directive)
  • One for all  – Central Data Management provides greater efficiency and higher response rates

The SustainHub Product Roadmap – what can you expect in 2019?

  • Find out what is coming up next – Preview of upcoming new features
  • Pay for value – Sneak peek on the new pricing model
  • Communicate and Collaborate – Discover why SustainHub is the hub for your team and brings all your supply chain communication together
  • Explore your data – How advanced analytics improve your business transparency and will help you identify risks in your supply chain


Sebastian Dehlinger, Product Manager SustainHub, iPoint-systems

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Daniel Maier

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