Why increasing market dynamics lead to complexity

Why increasing market dynamics lead to complexity

Today’s companies face high pressure by investors to improve revenue, by regulations to abide by the new rules and by competitors to be ever competitive.

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Additionally, market trends are determined by the rapid growth of requirements worldwide and add pressure to an already tense environment. These trends lead to increased complexity potentiated by globalization. Products become more complex and fast-moving, and supply chains intertwined, global and intransparent.


To address market requirements, resources are crucial but unfortunately they’re also limited. Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility become even more critical during a time like this. Not only are natural resources limited, but also the company’s human resources and financial means. At the same time, globalization and market dynamics demand innovation.


We believe in continuous progression with technology and we put our customer’s objectives at the forefront of all our actions and decisions here at iPoint. Our goal is to provide them a competitive advantage within today’s complex and dynamic market. By evaluating market trends, our customers’ needs, and the data we handle, we are convinced that only the combination of digitalization and knowledge creates Business Transparency.

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Daniel Maier

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